About Us

Welcome to our website!
Carriage House is a community of like minded hard working athletes of all skill and fitness levels. If someone invited you to visit this site or has asked you to come for a free workout take them up on their invitation. You will be welcomed into the community here no matter what skill or fitness level you are presently at. Everything we do can be scaled to your level. You will not find elliptical machines or pec decks here. We train total body movements because we are wired to move this way. There are Kettle bells, Olympic bars, jump ropes, rings and pull up bars here.
Our trainers are always present to coach you up during your time at our gym. Its our job to help you reach your goals. We love changing lives here and we love what we do. Our athletes train smart and train hard here . Fun is our middle name!
Please contact us at carriagehousecf@gmail.com with any questions you may have.
1845 South Main street
Unit A
Jacksonville, IL 62650 (view larger map)